Building Communities through Collaborative Conversations


This resource guide was produced in accompaniment with the programme Four Conversations: Building Communities through Collaborative Conversations. The speaker for the topic is Kuik Shiao-Yin, director of The Thought Collective.

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This resource guide was prepared in August 2018 by Goh Lee Kim, an Associate Librarian at the National Library, Singapore.



Birnbaum, E. (2018). The business of change: How social entrepreneurs are disrupting business as usual. Gabriola: New Society Publishers. Retrieved from OverDrive.

In the Business of Change is a practical guide on how social entrepreneurs from around the world are using business savvy to tackle challenges in their communities. It also provides tips on how to start and scale up your own social outfits.

All rights reserved, Gabriola: New Society Publishers, 2018

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Levitt, T. (2018). The company citizen: Good for business, planet, nation and community. London: Routledge. (Call no.: RBUS 658.408 LEV)

In The Company Citizen, author Levitt examines the role that businesses and business leaders play in tackling key issues such as environmental sustainability, inclusion and resource management. He concludes that the participation of businesses is critical not only for their survival, but that of communities, nations and the planet.

All rights reserved, London: Routledge, 2018

Seelos, C. & Mair, J. (2017). Innovation and scaling for impact: How effective social enterprises do it. Stanford: Stanford Business Books. (Call no.: RBUS 658.4063 SEE)

This book explores how organisations in the social sector can create value by balancing innovation and scale. In addition, it provides four detailed case studies of high-impact non-profit organisations to illustrate innovation archetypes that can successfully balance innovation and scale to achieve impact and success.

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Written by Mervin Teo