Ng Hoi Yee (1st Prize – Picture Category, Open)


Based on the Read! Singapore 2013 short story, ‘An Ode to Darkness’ by Chi Zi Jian.

After reading An Ode to Darkness by Chi Zi Jian, I decided to draw a boy because a child is normally adventurous, full of curiosity and innocence to explore freely in his imagination. The author is inspired by the bee to appreciate the darkness. So I had the boy with his arm around the bee, same size as the boy, like a real friend. Both are flying into the sky away from the city, with all its light, noise and crowds. They are flying high above the clouds to be away from the lights into the darkness of the sky, illuminated only by the moon’s light. The bee is returning to its home, so I drew a huge beehive. Without being disturbed by light and noise, there are many animals who roam among the forests. There are also houses, where everything is quiet and animals are enjoying the night. There are many bees following the giant bee, because they like to follow their leader back to their home, and also to guide the boy and make him appreciate the darkness like them.