kidsREAD Symposium and Networking 2019

Our theme for this year’s symposium and networking session was “Grow With Every Read”. Our volunteers had a meaningful session as they listened to the following topics from the speakers:

  1. Character Building Through Storytelling by Elvina Wang, Associate Librarian, NLB.
  2. Please Read to Me by Parcsen Loke, Head of Programmes & Development, Centre for
  3. Outdoor Literacy – Taking the Multisensory Approach by Norah Ismail, Librarian, NLB and
    Chan Xin Yi, Associate Librarian, NLB.

The session started with Elvina sharing on how stories contain a multitude of adventures and through the art of storytelling – these adventures can be turned into meaningful life lessons that allow children to learn values and build character.

Next, we had the honour of listening to Mr Parcsen Loke from the Centre of Fathering, presenting on the benefits of reading. He shared that reading provides knowledge and information which assists in developing one’s creativity and emphathy.

Lastly, we discovered through the sharing by Norah and Xin Yi how we can use the multisensory approach (taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing and movement) together with information and stories to become a complementary teaching resource during our sessions with the children.


Finally, the volunteers had a blast during the networking games as they crack their brains on questions pertaining to the kidsREAD programme, put their chopstick skills to good use and also tested their memory on our kidsREAD curriculum books!


The kidsREAD team would like to thank all our volunteers and we hope to see more of you at our next
Symposium and Networking session!

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