Volunteer Sharing Session 2019

Our annual kidsREAD Volunteer Sharing Session took place on 12 June 2019, at the National Library Building. 62 kidsREAD volunteers attended the session. It aimed to update volunteers about the improvements to the Volunteer Resource Guidebook (VRG), the introduction of STEAM activities and also provide tips on conducting kidsREAD sessions.

The volunteers mingled over the buffet dinner before the session. It commenced with the kidsREAD team sharing about the introduction of STEAM elements into all curriculum activities and showing the improvements made to the VRG. This includes the removal of advanced and beginner level activities, removal of open-ended questions and simplified storytelling instructions. Next, the team demonstrated four tips that volunteers can use to guide them in conducting the kidsREAD activities well. These four tips include Prepare, Explain, Check and Reinforce.






The volunteers were then given the opportunity to try out the four tips. Each group selected a book and planned out how they would carry out the corresponding activity.Being an enthusiastic bunch, the volunteers voluntarily came up to share their ideas for conducting each activity. The session concluded with a summary of tips and the volunteers raised questions to clarify their doubts.






Many volunteers commented that they benefited from the session as they learnt how other volunteers conducted their activities. Many feedback that they would like to attend the same sharing session next year.

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