Volunteer Appreciation Day 2019

We had our annual kidsREAD Volunteer Appreciation Day on 27 April 2019, at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre. Every year, kidsREAD volunteers who have contributed more than 41 hours are invited to a fun-filled appreciation event! Over 200 volunteers and venue partners attended the appreciation lunch.

Our volunteers and venue partners had a blast this year with the table and stage games. They took great pleasure in exercising their creative juices with the Alien Me Up! game where one representative per table was dressed up as an alien. Phones were whipped out to video their fellow volunteers’ catwalk to show off their costumes!

Then, the excitement continued as they watched in anticipation of how well their fellow volunteers could lip sync and dance to a song spontaneously.

Many volunteers shared that they enjoyed the event tremendously and look forward to next year’s Volunteer Appreciation Day!

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