kidsREAD Symposium and Networking 2018

A total of 78 volunteers attended the kidsREAD Symposium and Networking held on 15th September 2018. The theme of the symposium was “I am…More Than Just a Book”. The symposium topics and their respective presenters were as follows:

  1. Dealing with Conflicts or Challenges: Maximising Children’s Books by Ruth Wong Yeang Lam, Associate Professor, NIE, NTU
  2. Beyond Books: Digital Media by Siti Aisyah Abdul Nasir, Associate Librarian, NLB.
  3. Let’s Laugh by our very own kidsREAD team, Khirti Belani, Associate Librarian, NLB and Aslin Harminah Anuar, Senior Librarian, NLB

Associate Professor Ruth Wong started the symposium by introducing how books allow children to better deal with conflicts or challenges. She shared that children can see and learn the thought processes of the characters and how they make their final decisions through books. The scenarios in books are relatable to children and so children mimic behaviour from what they see in books. Ruth also shared a list of books suitable for children that showcases different types of conflicts people go through.

Next, Aisyah shared about the increasing use of digital media, and whether it affects children and their attention span. Her insightful presentation allowed the volunteers to see that the content of books is more important than the platform of such content. She also highlighted the need to adapt to digital media trends, such as story apps and interactive books.

Khirti and Aslin lightened the atmosphere at the symposium with their presentation on humour! They shared on the different types of humour that are present using the kidsREAD titles as examples. They also explained the stages of humour for children as they grow. Through the engaging session, the volunteers had a good laugh and definitely learnt about how humour shapes the children’s learning.

Finally, the volunteers had a blast during the networking games, where the groups with the highest points won prizes!

The kidsREAD Symposium and Networking 2018 was a great success! The volunteers learnt a great deal and at the same time, had an enjoyable time.

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