kidsREAD Symposium and Networking 2017

The kidsREAD Symposium and Networking took place on 18 November 2017. The symposium began with 3 presentations, followed by a panel discussion, and ended off with networking activities. The topics covered are as follows:

  1. How to Choose Good Picture Books by Er Lai Kuan, Senior Librarian, NLB
  2. Current Trends in Picture Books by Panna Kantilal, Senior Librarian, NLB
  3. Stories Come Alive by Meenakshi Nandivada, Senior Librarian, NLB

Lai Kuan started off the symposium by introducing the elements of a good picture book. She used various examples of picture books to illustrate how they can be useful and beneficial to children. Lai Kuan highlighted the importance of literary quality of picture books. Some books that received the Geisal Award and the Caldecott Medal are: ‘Oops Pounce Quick Run!’ By Miko Twohy and ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Vera Brosgol respectively.

Panna’s Presentation

Panna took over with her presentation on current trends in picture books. She shared over 20 books and their plot, explaining the reasons for their popularity. The books include ‘Half Wolf, Half Sheep, Whole Heart Woolf’ by Alex Latimer, ‘Welcome’ by Barroux, ‘A Perfect Day’ by Lane Smith, and ‘Grumpy Frog’ by Ed Vere.

Last but not least, Meenakshi introduced various ways of engaging, entertaining, and educating the children through her presentation of ‘Stories Come Alive’. She demonstrated how volunteers could make use of puppets, songs and craft to liven the story, as well as using emotions and feelings for each character.

Meenakshi’s demonstration

The volunteers learnt a lot of great skills that could benefit their kidsREAD sessions! The symposium concluded with a panel discussion on “What Makes Picture Books Magical”. The volunteers engaged Lai Kuan, Panna and Meenakshi with their questions and everyone was satisfied with the discussion.

To end off, the volunteers participated in networking activities . This was the first time the networking session was introduced because volunteers gave feedback that they would like to get to know volunteers from other clubs. The volunteers particularly enjoyed this segment and had fun making new friends through the games!

The winning team!


Overall, the kidsREAD Symposium and Networking 2017 was fruitful and engaging, leaving the volunteers with a deeper understanding of the topics covered!

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