[ASEAN 50] Book Display - The Arts of ASEAN (Level 8)

  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: Teens, Adults, Educators
  • Category: Heritage, Singapore & S.E.A
3 - 31 Jul, 2017

National Library

Level 8 - Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

100 Victoria Street, National Library Board, Singapore 188064

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  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: Teens, Adults, Educators

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A curated selection of books capturing the diverse and rich resources on the literary, performing and visual arts from the countries of ASEAN.

Please also visit the display at Level 9. Titles will be refreshed in August.

For more information on the books, search the NLB catalogue using the titles and call numbers.

s/nTitleCall No
1The poetry of SingaporeRSING S821 POE
2The Fiction of SingaporeRSING S823.008 FIC
3Anthology of ASEAN literature : (Islamic tradition in Malay literature)RSEA M899.2808038297 ANT
4Traditional literature of ASEANRSING 895.9 TRA   
5Anthology of ASEAN literatures: Thai literary works of the Ayutthaya period (Volumes IIA & IIB)RSEA 895.9108001 ANT
6aAnthology of ASEAN literatures. Volume IIIa, Thai literary works of the Thonburi and Rattanakosin periodRSEA 895.9108002 ANT
6bAnthology of ASEAN literatures. Volume IIIb, Thai literary works of the Rattanakosin periodRSEA 895.9108002 ANT
7The tale of Khun Chang, Khun PhaenRSEA 895.9111 KHU
8The tale of Kiè̂u : a bilingual edition of Truyện Kiè̂uRSEA 895.92212 NGU
9Viet Nam poemsRSEA 895.92213 NHA
10In the shadow of Angkor : contemporary writing CambodiaRSEA 895.932 IN
11Noli me tangereRSEA 893 RIZ -[SRN]
Visual Arts 
s/nTitleCall No
1The roots of Thai art      RSEA 709.593 PIR
2Art & architecture of Cambodia RART 720.95960901 JES
3Art of Vietnam RSEA 709.597 NOP -[ART]
4Myanmar style : art, architecture and design of BurmaRSEA 709.591 MYN
5Art in Indonesia; continuities and changeRSEA 709.598 HOL
6La peinture contemporaine Lao = Lao contemporary art RSEA 759.9594 PEI
7A comprehensive history of Malaysian artRART q709.595 OOI
8Philippine Art SceneRSEA 709.599 DUL
9A selection of Islamic art at the Brunei MuseumRART 704.94897 NAS
10Channels & confluences : a history of Singapore artRSING q709.5957 KWO
11ASEAN masterworks : Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, VietnamRSEA 709.59 ASE
12Art of ASEAN : our exhibitionRSEA 709.59 ART

Performing Arts (July focus) – Music & Dance
s/nTitleCall No
1The dances of ASEANRSING 793.31959 DAN
2Compilation of traditional ASEAN children's songs, dances, games and story-tellingRSING 790.10959 COM
3ASEAN Composers Forum on Traditional MusicRSING 781.6200959 ASE
4Zapin : folk dance of the Malay worldRSEA 793.319595 MOH
5Dangdut stories : a social and musical history of Indonesia's most popular musicRSEA 781.6309598 WEI
6Classical Javanese dance : the Surakarta tradition and its terminologyRSEA 793.3195982 BRA
7Filipino folk songsRSEA 781.6200599 FIL
8The evolution of dance in Philippine cultureRSEA 793.319599 YA
9Khon muang music and dance traditions of north ThailandRSEA 781.62009593 SHA
10The Vietnamese traditional music in briefRSEA 781.6209597 VAN
11Kammu songs : the songs of Kam RawRSEA 782.42162009594 LUN
12The Karen bronze drums of Burma : types, iconography, manufacture, and useRSEA 786.90591 COO
13Dances of BurmaRSEA Others 793.31951 MIN
14Cambodian music = Maratak dantrī KhmaerRSEA 780.9596 KEO
15Cambodian dance : celebration of the godsRSEA 792.809596 HEY
16Singapore soundscape : musical renaissance of a global cityRSING 780.95957 SIN
17Evolving synergies : celebrating dance in SingaporeRSING 792.8095957 EVO

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