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Programme Details
Date: Saturday Jul 18, 2015
Time: 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Venue: Level 5 - Possibility in National Library Building
Lang: English
Note: Registration is closed.




Geme Dikir Barat Di Singapore / Kala Manjari:50 Years of Singapore Indian Classical Music and Dance
From the distinctive rhythms to their heavy drumbeats, learn more about dikir barat, a Malay performance art form here that is native to the Malay Peninsula. Gema Dikir Barat Di Singapura is a coffee-table book accompanied by a 20-minute film revealing the fascinating history of this traditional musical form.

Raga and Rasa – melodies and emotions expressed in the lively art forms of Indian classical music and dance – have been the bedrock of Indian identity across the centuries and around the world. These art forms have thrived and intertwined with other Asian cultures, helping Indians maintain a distinctive cultural identity in multicultural Singapore. In the book Kala Manjari, the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society commemorates the history of Indian performing arts over the last 50 years in Singapore, revisiting the memories of artistic pioneers and collaborators while weaving them into a compelling story.
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