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Programme Details
Date: Saturday Sep 15, 2012
Time: 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Venue: Level 1 - Visitors' Briefing Room in National Library Building
Lang: English
Note: Registration is closed.





Art Moves: Mapping – Session 7
Mapping is a series of nine lectures and artist talks organised to explore the multilayered social and physical terrains of this island state. Engaging elements of cultural anthropology, sciences, arts and design, this series encourages critical discourses on the construction of knowledge, memory and identity through understanding the complexity and dynamism between contesting social narratives and production of spaces.

The Land Archive – Robert Zhao

This presentation examines the events, experiences, forms, objects and effects that surrounded the land reclamation programme during the 1970s in Singapore. This work is one segment of a wider historical study by Robert Zhao and The Land Archive on the history of Singapore's landscape. The Land Archive is a project undertaken by Robert since 2009 to research the history of the landscape of Singapore, with particular emphasis on the changes of Singapore's landscape.

Clandestine Interventions – Shabbir Hussain Mustafa

Considering the NUS Museum’s rather unique position within the Singapore cultural landscape as a ‘University Museum’, this talk will discuss on the kinds of curatorial experiments undertaken since 2007 with the aim of developing exhibitions that have multidisciplinary interests. It does this by discussing the artist-curatorial dynamics of three recent Southeast Asian contemporary art projects at the NUS Museum and the implications such encounters may have for knowledge production within a postcolonial museum setting.

About the Speakers

Robert Zhao received his BA from Camberwell College of Arts and his MA from the University of the Arts London. He has had exhibitions at Singapore Art Museum; Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan; Chapter Gallery, Wales; Photo- Levallois Festival, Paris and the Zabludowicz Collection, London. Robert is also the recipient of the 2011 Deutsche Bank Award in Photography (London).

Shabbir Hussain Mustafa is Curator with the NUS Museum. His research interests are in modern South and Southeast Asian history. Within a broader framework of the archival-curatorial method being developed at the NUS Museum, his approach has centred heavily on deploying archival texts as ploys in engaging different modes of thinking and writing, all in an attempt at opening up the archive to multivariate struggles of perception and reading.

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