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Programme Details
Date: Tuesday Aug 21, 2012
Time: 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
Venue: Level 5 - Imagination in National Library Building
Lang: English
Note: No registration is required.





Junior Shooting Home 2012: Public Talks - III. The Intimate Portrait
Be Inspired: Talks in conjunction with Junior Shooting Home 2012, a photography mentorship programme by Objectifs. Hear from both young photographers from JSH 2012 and experienced professional photographers in this series of free talks.

A meaningful portrait is one that goes beyond the technical elements and composition to reveal a subject’s personality and environment. Learn to gain access, move closer and develop a connection with your subject to bring your portrait-taking to the next level with documentary photographer Yian Huang.

About the speaker: Yian has worked in Paris, the West Bank, New York, and at the Newark Star Ledger in New Jersey. His photos have been exhibited at the Palais du Louvre in Paris, Columbia University and the Singapore Art Museum. To see Yian’s works, visit www.yianhuang.com.
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