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1. What is “Go Library”?
Go Library brings together the programmes, events and exhibitions happening in the libraries and present them in print and online editions each month. The print edition can be found in all our libraries in the beginning of each month. The online version further enhances patron’s experience through additional resources and media as well as incorporating a registration component so that he/she can register for the programmes with ease and convenience.

2. What can I do with Go Library online?
Our Go Library website can be used to register for programmes, make payment (for programmes requiring paid registration only), check your previous transactions, as well as explore the various resources related to the programmes. Our latest revamp also means one can search for programmes that are over for post-programme pictures, materials and additional resources.

3. How do I navigate the website?
The new Go Library is now conveniently separated into four main sections:
a. Programmes – for all our programmes in the coming months;
b. Media – for recordings of selected and highlighted programmes;
c. Exhibitions – for all our exhibitions in the coming months;
d. Conferences – for all our conferences in the coming months.
Click on the search button and you will be able to search for any programmes, media, exhibitions and/or conferences categorised accordingly. For each programme, there will be icons to denote the actions available: An “envelope” means that you can email the programme to your friend(s); a “mobile phone” means you can SMS the programme to your friend (only for Singapore numbers); a “shopping cart” means that the programme requires registration. Clicking on the “shopping cart” and “Check out” will initiate the registration.

4. What are programmes and channels?
Our programmes are categorised into “channels”, of which there are nine:
“Read” – for programmes that are book launches, clubs and discussions
“Arts” – for literary and performative programmes
“Wellness” – for programmes that are leisure, health, gardening, travel in nature
“Business” – for programmes that are business-based, financial literacy etc.
“Heritage” – for programmes that are heritage-based
“Bounce” – for programmes for children aged 0–12.

5. What are related resources??
“Related resources” refer to NLB’s resources that are relevant to the programme on the page.

6. What is OneSearch?
OneSearch is your easy search into a world of library resources that goes beyond books, including photos, videos, digitised books and resources.

7. Why are there programmes that are already over?
By preserving programmes that have already passed, we are able to link post-programme materials, such as speakers’ slides and/or pictures taken during the programme, with the programme page. We want to add value to the programmes in NLB, whether they have passed or are upcoming. Please note that not all programmes will have slides/pictures as we have to ask for the speakers’/presenters’ permission to share their materials after the programme.

8. Why do some programmes require registration?
Because there are limited seating available in the venue, some programmes require registration to make sure that interested parties are able to reserve their seats in advance of the programme.

9. Why do some programmes require registration fees?
Programmes that require registration fees are often children’s stories & crafts programmes. These registration fees pay for the materials for these programmes.

10. How do I register for programmes?
If you are interested in attending a particular programme, please check if there is an icon of a “shopping cart”. Clicking on the icon will “add” the programme to a “shopping cart.” You then have 10 minutes to complete the “transaction”.
If you have finished selecting programmes to attending, please click on “Checkout” at the top right hand corner of the page. You will be asked to select the number of seats you want. You will be asked to input your Name, Email and Telephone Number. Please make sure to enter a valid email address as confirmation and acknowledgement of your registration will be sent to the email address you have provided.

11. Why is there a count-down timer?
To make sure that we have the number of seats you requested, we “hold” these seats for you. However, to be fair to other patrons who may want to register for the same programmes, we are only able to “hold” these seats for you for 10 minutes.

12. What are the payment modes available?
You can pay with Visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards (for transaction amounts of more than S$5.00 only) and Internet Banking. Both services are provided by eNets.

13. Can I use my pre-paid account to pay for the registration fees?
No. You can only pay with the above payment modes.

14. Why do I need to provide my phone number and email address?
As a confirmation and acknowledgement of your registration, we require that the email addresses provided are valid. Should there be any changes to the programmes (e.g. time/venue), we will also use the email addresses/telephone numbers to get in touch with you.

15. Can I register for chargeable and non-chargeable programmes together?

16. Do I need to print the acknowledgment?
It’s not necessary but please do note down your acknowledgement number for easy reference.

17. Why can I only book a maximum of 4 seats?
To make sure that everyone interested in a particular programme gets a chance to register for it, a transaction can only involve a maximum of 4 seats.

18. What should I do if I have problems submitting my credit/debit card details?
Please get in touch with eNets at www.nets.com.sg/consumers/contact.php.

19. What should I do if I’m overcharged?
Please note down any reference numbers, your registration details (used for registration), your transaction number (available from the acknowledgment in your email) and contact our Contact Centre at 6332 3255.

20. How do I check my transactions?
Please click on “Check Booking” right next to “Checkout” in the right hand corner of the page. Input the email address you’ve used to register for the programme, phone number and click “Submit”. If you want to filter your results, you may also select the “date range”.

21. Will there be reminders sent before the programme date?
Yes there will be email reminders sent three days before the programme start date.