Tweens Tinker Sheets

Try your hand at the Tinker Sheets, a series of S.T.E.A.M.-related worksheets complete with digestible S.T.E.A.M. content and pop-up activities!

Cars in Action

Hai There, Haiku!

Don’t Say Goodbye: Endangered Species (Coming Soon!)

Inner Beauty: Bones in the Human Body (Coming Soon!)

Tweens Pop-Up Tinkering

These packages provide Tweens the opportunity to problem solve through a do-it-yourself activity. Simply follow the instructions and have fun!

Grab your printable template for the paper helicopter here!

Click on the images below to access the other DIY packages.

Tweenkerama Workshops

Look out for Tweenkerama workshops this school holidays! Tweens get to explore and learn through a series of workshops related to S.T.E.A.M. subjects such as art, robotics etc.

Visit for more information.

Tweenkerama Lab Mag

The only magazine you need for cool, creative and out-of-this world ideas and easy DIY projects.

Each issue of Tweenkerama Lab Mag is packed with information about STEAM topics and activities for you to complete.

Psst, want a sneak peak at Issue 3? Head down to STEAM Lab on 23-24 November to get your hands on it first!

Grab a copy of Issue #3 at the public libraries or download it here! Answer key for Issue #3 is available here.

Missed out on Issue #2? Download it here!

Missed out on Issue #1?  Download it here!