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(Updated on 22 May 2020)

Creative Conversations

April Issue


Holiday Specials with Librarians!

Zoom into space with
your own Solar System mobile!


Enter the magical world of dragons
with your own special book corner!


Storytime with our Librarians!

Happy or Grumpy – Make Your Own Puppet!
A special storytelling activity for parent and child.

Activity Sheets

Have fun decorating the classroom!

Let’s play Snakes and Ladders together!

Help the Very Busy Spider make her web!

Let’s count to ten together!

Learn about space and create your own rocket.

Learn about different shapes.

Create animal masks and a mini zoo.

Learn about body parts and and the community.

Fill in the spaces with the correct colours.

Help Monkey get ready for an adventure.

Meet the animals that live in the sea.

Let’s make our own school bus!

Stay healthy with fruits and vegetables.

Let’s sing together!

Frame a photo of your friends or family.