Here’s a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) list of popular NLB eResources for Primary and Secondary students. Happy exploring!


In an age where there is more information than ever before, how can students be sure about knowledge acquired through Internet search engines and social media? The SURE portal aims to provide holistic Information Literacy programmes, resources and more to prepare students to be adequately information literate. Teachers can also learn to ensure that students obtain their resources for their project work and assignments from credible sources. Workshops and programmes for schools and teachers are also available.


NewspaperSG and PressReader are collections of many different eNewspapers. NewspaperSG provides access to current and historic Singapore and Malaya newspapers from 1831 to 2009, while PressReader  offers full content and interactive access to more than 1,000 newspaper titles from more than 80 countries.

eDatabase: Singapore Infopedia

Singapore Infopedia is an online encyclopedia on Singapore by NLB. It provides information on a wide range of topics, including historical events, arts, culture, economy, government, and key personalities. Each article is accompanied by references that can be used for further research on the topic.

eDatabase: Archives Online

The National Archives of Singapore (NAS) is the keeper of records of national or historical significance. All typesof records in all media and formats are safeguarded and preserved. NAS’s search portal, Archives Online, is designed to allow users to seamlessly seach for information across NAS’s various databases and to view photographs, maps and plans, listen to or read selected oral history interviews and watch thousands of audio-visual clips, round the clock.


OverDrive contains popular English eBooks, audiobooks, music and video titles from a variety of genres and subjects. These eBooks can be downloaded using your myLibrary ID. Check out the FAQs for a step-by-step guide.

TumbleBook Library is a collection of English picture books that comes with animation, music, and narration. These stories are accompanied by quizzes, games and lesson plans. Flash Player is required to read TumbleBooks. Suitable for children aged 4-12 years.

ChildRoad is a collection of talking Chinese picture books, including fairytales, folktales, historical stories, idiom stories and children’s fiction. Highlighted text is accompanied by voiceovers. The Hanyu Pinyin feature enables children who are weak in Chinese to read anad learn the language. Suitable for children aged 4-12 years.

Apabi eBooks is a collection of Chinese eBooks that covers a wide range of subjects such as education, business and management, philosophy, religion, and literature. Apabi Reader has to be downloaded to read Apabi eBooks. An Adobe ID is required to check out the titles.

Koleksi Buku Elektronik Melayu is a Malay eBook collection with stories on animals, family, and more. This database requires Flash Player.

Tamil eBooks is a collection of poetry, classic literature, and novels.


Want more information? Check out our eResources booklet.