After a million years wandering among the stars, you chance upon a vibrant land full of life. You meet Chang’e, who calls it Earth. She shows you the magnificent beauty of the mountains, seas, and forests, as well as the cities teeming with mankind.

However, beneath the flurry of life runs an undercurrent of conflict between the deities and demons. It is up to you now to find your calling in this new home, gather your powers, and prepare for the ultimate battle!

How to start assembling your troops:

Step 1: Visit participating Public Libraries – the characters will spawn for a very limited time at specific locations!
Step 2: Borrow 2 non-English library titles (i.e. books in the Mother Tongue Languages)
Step 3: Get 1 chance to redeem a Myth Masters card from the Lucky Dip box!

For Messenger Pigeon Reports, go to Spawn Locations.


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