The Last Emprex (Sharks Wars Series)
Author: EJ Altbacker
Call No.: J ALT

As the new Seazarein, Gray is faced with a new threat. This time, it’s nothing like he and his friends have ever seen – Hokuu, the greatest shar-kata and dark-kata master in the history of the wet world, alongside Grimkahn, the mosasaur king and their unstoppable army of frilled sharks and mosasaurs.

While Gray learns shar-kata from Takiza, the power of the Seazarein vote is handed down to sharks, fish, and dwellers alike, for the first Seazarein election. However, Grimkahn and Hokuu’s evil forces have almost reached the Fathimor Stronghold, all the way from the Underwaters, killing every shiver on the way there.

But Gray’s forces are slowly building up, with smaller, but still more shivers joining Riptide United. He is gradually improving his shar-kata skills, while also training his megalodon speed and strength. Which side will prevail, Sharks, or prehistores? The fate of the five oceans and seven seas depends on it.

I would give this book five stars. For people who love the adventure genre, this story is wonderfully addictive!

Book review by: Samuel Lim (St Joseph’s Institution Junior)

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