ghost of graylockThe Ghost of Graylock 
Author: Dan Poblocki
Call No.: J POB

3 storms. 3 blackouts. 3 children found drowned in the same lake in Graylock Hall, a psychiatric hospital. The nurse, who worked the shift when the children died, was arrested. The following day, she was found dead. Years later, Neil Cady, Bree Cady, Wesley Baptiste and Eric Baptiste decide to visit the abandoned hospital to explore its secrets. They experience strange situations in the building and Neil gets hurt. After leaving the hospital, Neil and Bree have bad nightmares and Neil starts seeing the same 3 pictures. Did the ghost of Nurse Janet follow Neil home or is it someone else?

This book takes on the perspective of Neil Cady who is burning with curiosity to find out the truth behind the legend of Nurse Janet. His experiences throughout the story will keep readers turning their heads to check if there is anyone behind. Keep flipping the pages to find out the truth behind the 3 drownings and why there is someone following Neil and Bree.

Book review by:  Ching Lyn, Nicholas Girls’ School (Secondary)

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