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Falcon Wild


Expect wilderness survival and falconry questions answered as Karma, Cooper, and Stark learn to survive together in this excellent book written by Terry Lynn Johnson.

Fire Witch


‘Fire Witch’ by Matt Ralphs is about the journey of a girl, Hazel, her familiar and a man who guides her on a mission to save Hazel’s mother.



Remembering his dad’s story about the elusive Golden Eagle, Eddie Wilson sets on a quest to find it and win the annual Science Symposium to impress the girl he likes.

The Last Emprex (Sharks Wars Series)


As the new Seazarein, Gray is faced with a new threat. This time, it’s nothing like he and his friends have ever seen. For people who love the adventure genre, this story is wonderfully addictive!

The Dragonet Prophecy


‘This is the first book in the “Wings Of Fire” series. Expect a thrilling adventure through Pyrrhia as the five Dragonets of Destiny swoop in to save the day!