haunting violetHaunting Violet
Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Call No.: Y HAR

Violet’s mother, Celeste Willoughby, is a medium, or so it seems. People enlist her help to communicate with their deceased family member, friend etcetera. One trip to Rosefield changes their life – Celeste is exposed as a fraudulent medium and together with Violet, Colin and Marjorie, they flee back to their home in London. People threw stinking produce at their doorsteps – rotten cabbage, squashed radishes, pie crust, mouldy cheese. You name it, they throw it. Rowena, a deceased girl, counts on Violet, who can see her, to expose her murderer. With a murder case to solve, relationship problems to handle and a new, extremely terrifying ability to see the dead, can Violet cope?

The story gives readers a glimpse of the Victorian times, when ladies wore corsets and weren’t encouraged to read. Readers will look at the story of a girl who loves reading, does not take an extreme liking to marrying a rich man and is the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Thornwood. This 25-chapter book will keep you at the edge of your seat and flipping through the pages to find out more about the story of Violet and why having the ability to see the dead is not a good thing.


Book review by:  Ching Lyn, Nicholas Girls’ School (Secondary)

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