city of bonesCity of Bones
Cassandra Clare
Call No.: Y CLA

What if all the creatures from fairy tales are real? What if vampires, faeries, werewolves and even warlocks walked among us but we just can’t see them? On her birthday, Clary Fray finds out that she has been living a lie. She starts seeing ‘beings’ like demons all around the city and she doesn’t know what to do till she meets Jace, one of the world’s many shadow hunters. Shadow hunters hunt down demons at night, protecting humans so that they do not have to face these evils themselves. When Clary found out that her mother had been kidnapped, she is distraught and her world turns completely upside down. She decided to go back with Jace as well as his two shadow hunter friends, Alec- a person who never once wanted to break the rules and his sister Isabelle- a free spirited but extremely intimidating girl. She learns the truth about her life and her past, which her mother has kept a secret from her since she was just a child. She then meets a warlock, Magnus Bane, who she runs to for help to find out the secrets of her past. When her normal and nerdy best friend, Simon, gets thrown into the mess, they face even more struggles, encountering a gang of vampires with a strange young boy and an evil psychopath who thinks he is saving the world.

With a love story and science fiction effects like The Hunger Games as well as the mystifying creatures and magic elements like Harry Potter, City of Bones is an exciting read. It is also the first book in ‘The Mortal Instrument’ series. The characters in the book are relatable, funny and charming and my personal favorite is Magnus. My favorite parts are the sudden twists in the book, that come when you’re least expecting it.

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Book Review by: Luisa, North Vista Secondary

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