Book Reviews from September 2017

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The Hardy Boys: A Rockin’ Mystery


‘In this story, Frank and Joe Hardy investigate the case of a missing guitar. The way the Hardy brothers go about finding the missing item is interesting and filled with suspense. I love the boys’ determination and hard work in trying to help everyone.

Cities in Crisis


‘Did you know that we have overcrowding issues in many parts of the world? Pollution is one of the problems plaguing overpopulated cities. Read this book to learn more about the crises faced by these cities!

Follow that Bird!


‘One day, Ellie hears a cry near the window while having lessons. When she looks out, she sees a sunbird. Guess what? Ellie can speak to and understand animals, especially when they need help!

The Cloud Castle


‘This book has an interesting plot, and includes magic and spells in the story. The Thea sisters are on a mission to save the secret fairy worlds which are in danger. The story has many sections and always keeps the readers in suspense. Overall, the story was fruitful and worth a read.

Super Billy Goats Gruff: A Graphic Novel


‘This story is hilarious. It really made me laugh till my stomach hurt. It is a fascinating graphic novel written by author Sean Tullen. The illustrations by Fernando are simply alluring.