The National Library Board is recruiting Junior Reading Ambassadors!

What is the Junior Reading Ambassador programme?

The Junior Reading Ambassador (JRA) programme is an initiative by NLB for children aged 9 to 12 years old. The JRAs are given opportunities during their two-year term to promote reading through platforms such as storytelling, emceeing, and dramatic performances conducted in and out of the public libraries.

What is the objective of the JRA programme?

The programme seeks to develop its participants into confident speakers and performers who can promote the love and joy of reading to their peers and the general public. It also grooms JRAs to be advocates of NLB.

What kind of activities do JRAs do?

JRAs conduct storytelling and dramatisation, as well as take on roles such as programme facilitators or emcees at the public libraries or external venues. Some examples of past activities include conducting immersive storytelling sessions at library@harbourfront, emceeing for kidsREAD’s anniversary celebration, and doing skit performances at the Malay Heritage Centre. JRAs are also expected to contribute reviews of fiction and non-fiction books from the public libraries.

Nomination Criteria

  1. 9 to 11 years old (Born in 2009, 2010 or 2011)
  2. Attending school in Singapore
  3. NLB member
  4. Can commit as a JRA for two years, from June 2020 to June 2022
  5. Can attend JRA Camp from 25-27 June 2020

How to nominate:

If you’re a teacher, please share the QR code or URL below with the parent/guardian of the student, so that they can submit the nominations for their child/ward.

If you’re a parent/guardian, please access the nomination form through the QR code or URL below to nominate your child/ward. Do note that the nominee will be required to answer five assessment questions in the nomination form.