1. How do I borrow the eBooks on discoveReads?
You can borrow a whole spectrum of recommended eBooks for Primary and Secondary school students right here. The titles are specially curated by the Read@School team and supplied by OverDrive, a provider of eBooks and Audiobooks.

First, you’ll need a myLibrary User Account to borrow eBooks. Not a registered user? Watch the video for a step-by-step guide and click here to register.

Once you’ve signed in, borrow away! The titles are automatically returned, so it’s completely hassle-free.

After you’ve borrowed the glorious eBook, you’ll be presented with 2 options: Download (EPUB eBook) or Read (In your browser). If you wish to download the eBook on your PC or mobile device to read it offline, you may install Adobe Digital Editions to do just so.

2. How often is the site updated?
New content is available every 1st of the month.


Members’ Site Closure

Please note that the members’ site has ceased operations since 1st Jan 2017.

1. Why is the discoveReads Members’ site decommissioned/closing?
To cater to a wider audience with an open-access site without the hassle of registering for accounts.

2. Can I still access discoveReads blog after the closure of the Members’ site?
Yes! Even though the Members’ site has closed its chapter, the discoveReads blog will continue to provide updates on the latest NLB events, book trends, book recommendations, quizzes, and so on.