Have you ever wondered what secrets lie between the covers of a book? Experience the mystery genre through exciting spy-themed activities and games at a library near you. The I SPY @ Children’s Reading Fiesta is open to all children aged between 3 and 12. Simply borrow six library items to participate*.
See you at the Fiesta!

16 – 18 Mar 2018, 11 am – 6 pm
• Bukit Merah Public Library (Level 3, Radin Mas Hall)
• Toa Payoh Public Library (Level 3, Programme Zone)
• Woodlands Regional Library (Level 4, Children’s Section)
• Marine Parade Public Library (Level 2, outside Programme Zone)

24 – 25 Mar 2018, 11 am – 6 pm
• Jurong Regional Library (Basement)
• Bishan Public Library (Level 1)
• Ang Mo Kio Public Library (Level 1, Children’s Section)
• Pasir Ris Public Library (Level 4, Programme Zone)

31 Mar – 1 Apr 2018, 11 am – 6 pm
• Jurong West Public Library (Level 1, Programme Zone)
• Central Public Library (Basement, My Treehouse)
• Sembawang Public Library (Level 5, Children’s Section)
• Geylang East Public Library (Level 1, Activity Room)

*Loan receipt(s) must be presented for verification. Eligible loan receipt(s) of library items must be dated on the same day of participation in the Fiesta activities. Only loan receipt(s) under the same name can be combined. Each loan receipt can only be used once.


I spy. You spy. Let’s spy!

These are the fun activities that await you at the fiesta:

1. Letters in Disguise

Find the missing letters and rearrange jigsaw pieces to reveal hidden animals

2. Secret Message

Whisper a secret via the paper cup telephone and write your own private message!

3. Mystery Marker

Design a spy-themed page marker and craft a special magnifying glass that can reveal a hidden surprise.

4. Cryptic Coder

Test your decoding skills to find the answers to mystery-related riddles!

5. Operation X

What’s a spy without a spy bag? Customise your very own spy bag with unique templates.


Reading Recommendations

Title: Out and About

Author: Sophia Danielsson-Waters

Location: Junior Lending Picture Book

Call Number: 793.73 DAN – [BA]

Little learners will love this interactive book filled with fun facts, questions, and some hilariously out-of-place things in the town. Will they find the shoe among the slides, or a crab in the sandpit? Whether comparing two pictures to find the differences, or looking for the odd one out in repeated patterns, young readers will develop observational skills, and they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning!

Borrow this book now at your nearest public library!


Title: Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty? And Other Notorious Nursery Tale Mysteries

Author: David Levinthal

Location: Junior Lending Picture Book

Call Number: LEV

Break-in at the Three Bears family home? It could only be one dame. Wicked witch gone missing from her candied cottage? Hansel and Gretel claim it was self-defense. Did Humpty Dumpty really just fall off that wall, or was he pushed? Here are five fairy-tale stories with a twist, all told from the point of view of a streetwise police officer called Binky, who just happens to be toad in a suit and a fedora. When Snow White doesn’t make it to the beauty pageant, Officer Binky is the first to find the apple core lying by her bed. When an awful giant mysteriously crashes to the ground, upsetting the whole town, Binky discovers exactly who is responsible. Author David Levinthal and illustrator John Nickle retell these classic stories in the style of a 1940s noir detective novel – for kids!

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Title: Undercover: One of These Things Is Almost Like the Others

Author: Bastien Contraire

Location: Junior Lending Picture Book

Call Number: 793.73 CON


Readers will look for the odd one out on each spread of this stylish, 64-page picture book, packed with familiar objects, stunningly depicted in duotone. This play on the analogy of shapes makes the objects look deceitfully similar and the task surprisingly tricky! With a range of humorous visual jokes through association (an egg among birds) as well as clever shape comparisons (a plane among insects), this wordless book offers much to be discussed, and the joy of visual deciphering and categorization is sure to continue beyond its pages.

Borrow this book now at your nearest public library!


Title: Where Are My Books?

Author: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Location: Junior Lending Picture Book

Call Number: OHI

A boy investigates a squirrelly situation to track down his missing stories in this charming ode to book lovers of all kinds. Spencer loves to read. He reads a book every night. But one morning his favorite book goes missing, and in its place is a tulip. Spencer searches high and low, but he can’t find his book. The next morning another book is missing, a nut in its place. And the morning after that, another book is missing. What is happening to Spencer’s books? When he finds out, Spencer devises a surprising solution that will delight readers (and librarians) everywhere.

Borrow this book now at your nearest public library!


Title: Scavenger Hunt Heist

Author: Franklin W. Dixon

Location: Junior Lending Simple Fiction

Call Number: DIX


Frank and Joe are excited for the class trip to Bayport Bear Park. When they arrive, the entire class is greeted with a beautiful sight: a pile of prizes and goodies in the middle of the room! Their guide, Marnie, explains that they will be split into teams to complete a scavenger hunt through the park. Whoever solves the clues the fastest will win all of the prizes. But after they come back from solving the first few clues, the entire pile of prizes has been destroyed, with half of the loot completely missing! Can Frank and Joe figure out who the Treat Thief is and save the trip?

Borrow this book now at your nearest public library!


Title: Candy Kingdom Chaos

Author: Carolyn Keene

Location: Junior Lending Simple Fiction

Call Number: KEE


The new Candy Kingdom theme park is opening in River Heights and Nancy, Bess, and George can’t wait! The park is supposed to have candy-themed rides, attractions, arcade games, and more, so when Bess wins four free passes to the park, she invites Nancy, George and their good friend, Nadine Nardo to check it out. But Nadine’s wristband goes missing after the first ride! Nancy and her friends know that all of the wristbands were tied securely, so it couldn’t have just fallen off. Can Nancy, Bess, and George track down the stolen wristband before their sweet day at Candy Kingdom turns sour?

Borrow this book now at your nearest public library!


Title: Operations Pants on Fire

Author: Jessica Alejandro

Location: Junior Lending Singapore

Call Number: ALE


This is the first book in the award-nominated Extraordinary Losers series. So the Extraordinary Losers are just a little bit different. There’s Clandestino. Odd name, eeeww habits. There’s Janice. Drama (and donut) queen. There’s M-Mu-Mu-Mundi who is brainy and quiet… And then there’s poetry-loving Darryl De. Okay, maybe not a little different. A LOT different, with a whole load of weird thrown in. But when they form an unexpected alliance, the incredible happens. It’s time to use their powers. Together. It’s time to be Extraordinary. This is their story right here, right now. And it all begins with a mysterious note…

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Title: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Author: Chris Grabenstein

Location: Junior Lending

Call Number: GRA

Kyle Keeley is the class clown, popular with most kids, (if not the teachers), and an ardent fan of all games: board games, word games, and particularly video games. His hero, Luigi Lemoncello, the most notorious and creative gamemaker in the world, just so happens to be the genius behind the building of the new town library. Lucky Kyle wins a coveted spot to be one of the first 12 kids in the library for an overnight of fun, food, and lots and lots of games. But when morning comes, the doors remain locked. Kyle and other winners must solve every clue and every secret puzzle to find the hidden escape route. And the stakes are very high. In this cross between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and A Night in the Museum, Agatha Award winner Chris Grabenstein uses rib-tickling humor to create the perfect tale for his quirky characters. Old fans and new readers will become enthralled with the crafty twists and turns of this ultimate library experience.

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Title: Skeleton Creek

Author: Patrick Carman

Location: Junior Lending

Call Number: CAR


A breakthrough new series from bestselling author Patrick Carman, featuring text and technology in an innovative new way. Strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek…and Ryan and Sarah are trying to get to the heart of it. But after an eerie accident leaves Ryan housebound and forbidden to see Sarah, their investigation takes two tracks: Ryan records everything in his journal, while Sarah uses her videocam to search things out…and then emails the clips for Ryan to see. In a new, groundbreaking format, the story is broken into two parts – Ryan’s text in the book, and Sarah’s videos on a special website, with links and passwords given throughout the book.

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Title: Stormbreaker

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Location: Young Adult Lending

Call Number: HOR


The first book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series. In the first book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, fourteen-year-old Alex is forcibly recruited into MI6. Armed with secret gadgets, he is sent to investigate Herod Sayle, a man who is offering state-of-the-art Stormbreaker computers to every school in the country. But the teenage spy soon finds himself in mortal danger.

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