The S.U.R.E. toolkit is a series of activities and case studies specially designed to engage Primary 4 to Secondary 2 students and their parents on information literacy. They also get to learn about the four basic S.U.R.E. skills: Source, Understand, Research and Evaluate.

The News Gallery
This aims to showcase the rich resources on Singapore newspapers collection at the National Library and to explore issues relating to information and mass media, and the importance of information literacy. Test your ability to detect real from false information and evaluation skills in the SUREvivors series of online activities.

Hari Raya Puasa
Find out more about this festival.

Ace Your Project Work
To help primary school students improve on project work skills based on the S.U.R.E (Source, Understand, Research and Evaluate) with step by step guide.

Academic Research Online
How to conduct Academic research online using a combination of efficient search engine guidelines and the National Library Board’s eResources website.


Fake News #1

SURE Infographic

SURE Toolkit Activity Sheet
SURE Toolkit Map

Fake News #2

Activity Sheet

SURE-vivor Booklet

Further your S.U.R.E. skills by watching the “The Fake Website Test” video below!

Test your S.U.R.E skills through the “Are you a SURE-vivor” quiz to see if you are ready to face the pitfalls of the internet. Have fun!

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