Act I: The Beginning of the End
Act II: The Unexpected Guest
Act III: The Rise of the Guardians
Act IV: The Skirmish at SengKang
Act V: The Bugtime Story


Latest Chapter!
Act VI: The Call to Arms

Back at the National Library HQ…

“It’s been a while since we’ve had some good news. Outstanding work, Shenlong,” said Nostro. The Guardians were having a meeting at the TreeHouse and Shenlong had just delivered news that Books Bugs could be awakened if their Book of Residence was read aloud.

Aurelius, however, had a more negative reaction and was now venting his frustrations by punching the tree trunk.

“We’re all doomed then. Itll take us centuries to wake all these bugs!”

Rembrandt, who had stayed quiet through the entire meeting, finally spoke. “Which is why we can’t do this alone. We’ll need the humans.”

“What about Skorpius then?” retorted Aurelius. “Do you honestly think he will stand idly by while we save the day?”

Shenlong broke the tense silence. “We’ve defeated Skorpius once before, and we’ll do it again.” However, her conviction did nothing to persuade Aurelius.

“He’s grown more powerful over the centuries.”

“That may be so, but if all Book Bugs are bonded to their Book of Residence, he’d be too,” Rembrandt suggested.

“He broke the seal we enchanted and escaped. It won’t work a second time.”

“No, Nostro. This time, we’ll destroy the book once and for all.” The Guardians listened intently, and for a first time in a long while, there was hope.