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November’s Book Bugs Quiz answers

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What is the Book Bugs online quiz?
It is an online quiz on book-related questions. Patrons key in their myLibrary ID to participate in the quiz. Their myLibrary ID needs to be complete and accurate in order for Bug points to the credited.
*mylibrary IDs are case sensitive*

Patrons will be able to receive 6 points upon completion of the quiz. These points will be recorded in their myLibrary account within 3 days of the quiz’s closing at the end of every month. They can use the points to redeem Book Bugs cards.

How many quizzes are there?
There are six quizzes, one for each month.

When will the quiz start?
The quiz will start from June to November 2018.

Are multiple attempts allowed for this quiz?
Yes, but only one random attempt will be taken into account every month per user.

Do patrons need to answer all questions correctly to be able to earn Bug Points?
No. Patrons will earn Bug Points as long as they answer all 6 questions per quiz.