Ever wished the story you’ve just read could continue on beyond the book? Well, the good news is that authors and publishers are now making use of various multimedia platform to help enhance the reader’s experience!

1. The Skeleton Creek series

Author: Patrick Carman

Fans of the Horror and Paranormal genre will definitely enjoy the Skeleton Creek series. Best friends, Sarah and Ryan decide to investigate the eerie happenings that have plague their town, Skeleton Creek. Sarah, an aspiring videographer, brings along her video camera during their nights out to document their adventures. During one of their outing, Ryan gets injured and is then forbidden to see Sarah. To continue their investigation, Sarah sends Ryan links and passwords to her video which he only can unlock.

You too can watch the footage that Sarah captured during their outing! Instructions and the passwords to the videos are in the book itself. Be warned, the videos are not for the faint of heart.

2.Josh Baxter Levels Up

Author: Gavin Brown

In the span of two years, Josh Baxter has changed schools three times and honestly, he is sick of it. The cycle of adapting and making new friends has taken a toll on him and he finds himself escaping to the world of video games ever so often. One bad report card later, Josh’s mother takes away his video game console and will only return it back to him once he is able to pull up his grades.  Having no choice, Josh has to level up and face the world.

After accompanying Josh on his journey, you can head to http://joshbaxter.scholastic.com/games to play the accompanying game that was specially created just for this book. The game is really fun and you can play it either on your computer or on your phone!

3. The Dragon Brothers series

Author: James Russell

The Dragon Brother series is about the adventures of Flynn and Paddy who live on an island. Their big adventure begins when a dragon suddenly swoops out of the sky and kidnaps their dog, Coco. It is up to Flynn and Paddy to save their dog!

This series makes use of augmented reality to bring the island and characters alive. To enjoy this immersive experience, download the free app AR Reads, available on both App Store and Play store. Once you do, you will be able to see dragons flying about, the sound of geysers gushing and also see Flynn and Paddy!

To see a sneak peek on what you can expect, watch the trailer here.

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