Welcome to the next instalment of the Mindful Minecraft series! This time, I’ll be introducing some Minecraft mods. This knowledge will be useful as you can use mods to rejuvenate the game when the vanilla – classic, un-modded – version becomes stale.

What exactly is a Minecraft mod?

Mod is short for modification. In Minecraft, you can create your own modifications using Java programmes or download online mod packs made by other gamers in the Minecraft-sphere. Often, downloading is the easier option.
If you have had prior experience with Javascript and would like to try to create your own mod, read this:

Minecraft Mods Programming: Absolute Beginner’s Guide
Author: Rogers Cadenhead
Publisher: Que, 2015.
Call No.: 794.81526 CAD -[REC]

If you do not have experience or time to create your own mod, download! There are many different mods out there. However, downloading mods come with a risk as some mods are poorly designed,

some have bugs and errors in them,

and others might tax heavily on your computer system with its high graphic settings, resulting in massive lag and rage.

Hence, it might be wise to back up the existing Minecraft data (Click for Guide) and do a little research before installing a mod. Check the date that the mod was released to make sure that it has been updated recently. Check its compatibility with your current Minecraft version. I cannot stress how important it is to note the version that you are installing. Minecraft always releases new patches to update the game, so some mods aren’t compatible with the latest version of the game. Finally, check the number of downloads and reviews  . If reviews are negative, then you probably want to give that mod a miss. Finally, before installing a mod, do run it through an antivirus scan, because prevention is better than cure.

Please note that some of the following mods introduced require Minecraft Forge, a programme that is used to build software applications. With his programme, it makes it very easy to install a number of different Minecraft mods. As always, check if your version of Minecraft Forge is compatible with the mod that you want to install. (Click for Installation Guide)

Here’s a list of some child-friendly mods:



This space-themed mod allows your child to travel through the Solar System on their very own NASA rocket and explore space – the moon, Mars, asteroids, and even a Space Station. Once a player lands on the moon, it’s time to build a snazzy Moonbase and explore the vast land on a Moon buggy. Just keep an eye out for alien mobs on Mars though – some of them aren’t very friendly.


This is, by far, one of the most impeccably designed mods that you will ever find. The official Pixelmon is fully equipped with news updates, installation tutorials, FAQs, and gameplay guides. As the name suggests, this mod transports your child into the world of Pokémon or pocket monsters. Battle and capture wild Pokémon and log them into your Pokédex just as you would in the Nintendo original. Amazing!


No young girl can resist this adorable mod with its cotton candy pink hills and marshmallow fluff flowers. This sweet, sugar-coated realm is the perfect place to start a candy empire. Your child can craft licorice chestplates and honeycomb leggings before entering the deadly jelly dungeon to look for amazing jelly loot. Sounds delicious and enticing, doesn’t it?




With over 300 new crop and food items in this mod, your child’s Minecraft character will never have to eat plain ol’ bread loaves ever again. Your child can farm and harvest unusual fruits and veggies such as persimmon and artichoke, or open up a fancy restaurant selling sophisticated dishes such as pistachio baked salmon or an impressive beef wellington. What a delightfully tasty little mod!


Living in a dull cobblestone cave or a dilapidated wooden hut is a bummer. With DecoCraft, your child can now have the home makeover of his/her dreams. This mod provides amazing new furniture and decorative props. The item recipes are simple too – all you need is the dyed clay that can be assembled on the Decobench.


The Chisel Mod adds variety to common blocks with a simple chisel. With chisel in hand, the player can right click on the mouse to reveal an interface that allows for up to 24 different varieties/designs of the same block. Your child will be spoilt for choice! You can build the grandest towers, the most breath-taking castles and of course, the most outlandish monuments.




Your child can embark on this epic challenge map as a single player or be joined by a friend on the multiplayer setting. There are many puzzles, parkour routes and difficult boss mobs that one must get through to complete each level. Upon completion, the player will be awarded a monument block that will be placed on the monument at the start. Sounds easy, but it really isn’t! There’s a reason why this mod is one of the most downloaded maps in the mod community.


Enjoy coding? Then ComputerCraft is the Minecraft mod that you have been looking for! Using Lua programming language, children can build and programme in-game mining Computers and Lumberjack Turtles to help them harvest resources. Besides writing codes, it’ll also teach them all about automation as well.

That’s all for this segment of Mindful Minecraft! Stay tuned for the next part of the series where I introduce fun Minecraft-themed activities.


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