Written by: Teo Xing Zhi

There’s a monster who lives in a library in the far west corner of Singapore. He’s a green paper muncher made completely out of recycled materials, and his job is to collect and respond to little notes from visitors of the library.

The monster is called Feedbackmon, and he’s managed by the librarians at Jurong West Public Library. The librarians collect the notes that are fed to Feedbackmon, and they respond whenever they have a free hour or two in between outreaches, projects, and the many other tasks they do. The answers are posted on Feedbackmon’s Inbox, located right beside the catalogue computers.







If you recognise this monster, you’ve definitely visited Jurong West Public Library’s children’s section before.

Lots of interesting messages come in every day, and the librarians try their best to answer every single one of them.

Sometimes people don’t know where to find their books or what to read and need a bit of assistance

Sometimes they want to know more about certain things 🙂


Sometimes they want to request a title they just can’t find.


Sometimes they ask for Book Bugs back L


Sometimes they want to share their favourite book titles.

And of course, sometimes they just want to tell us what’s on their mind.




Since the librarians are always busy, the messages in his inbox changes only when they are back at the library. This means sometimes they get changed every week, and sometimes it takes a fortnight or  so. But messages are always answered and always posted up whenever possible. Everyone’s been patient thus far, so it’s great fun!

Want to ask Feedbackmon your questions? Come down to Jurong West Public Library for a visit, and your question might be featured too!

Note: Feedbackmon is only available at Jurong West Public Library. Do come visit to check him out!


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