Everyone loves a good surprise, and I love it when it comes in the form of a book! As a Read@School librarian, I read loads of books as part of my job. However, books that manage to surprise me with their unexpected endings are always the most memorable. If you are feeling adventurous today, why not try one of these picture books?

(Aside to parents and adults: Give these picture books a shot too! They make for a fun, quick read that will instantly perk up your day J)


Yes, you will be “stunned like vegetable.”

Of course, I won’t be able to reveal too much about each book, or it would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it? *wink*

Title: Don’t Push the Button!

Author: Bill Cotter

Call No.: JP COT

Now, listen carefully. Do not push the big red button inside this book! Do what the book says and NO ONE will get into trouble.

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Title: Don’t Touch This Book!

Call No.: JP COT

Title: This Book Just Ate My Dog!

Author: Richard Byrne

Call No.: JP BYR

The story begins with Bella taking her dog for a walk, but the book has other plans for them. It starts behaving very badly and messes up the whole story! Are you ready to help Bella and get this book to play nice?

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Title: We’re in the Wrong Book!

Call No.: JP BYR

More Bears!

Author: Kenn Nesbitt

Call No.: JP NES

Ever felt unhappy with how a story ended? What if you could tell the author how to write his story instead? Just be careful what you tell him, or the story could end up being  a disaster!

The Skunk

Author: Mac Barnett

Call No.: JP BAR

A man opens his front door and finds a skunk sitting on his doorstep. Is it friend or foe? What exactly does the skunk want from him? Will the man ever find out?


Title: Mix It Up!

Author: Hervé Tullet

Call No.: JP TUL

With a touch of your finger, you can play with the colours that appear on the pages of this book! Follow the instructions and watch as all the colours mix, smudge and change at your fingertips.

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Title: Press Here

Call No.: JP 372.6 TUL

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