louis sacharDo you know what happens when a master storyteller falls in love with a school counsellor? Well, we get a really juicy story, without skipping over the struggles, doubts and faulty reasonings, that students face in their everyday school life. Meet Louis Sachar, door-to-door salesman turned award winning author, who penned the book ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom.’




theresaboyinthegirlsbathroomThere’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom
Call No.: J SAC
The story revolves around Bradley Chalkers, an eleven year-old student who flunks his test, lies to teachers, and is disliked by almost everyone in school – except Carla. Carla is the new school counsellor who sees the good in Bradley. Will she be able to help Bradley see the good in himself? With patience and a lot of skill, she just might be able to help Bradley and his classmates understand themselves better and navigate the year successfully. Carla also happens to be the name of Louis Sachar’s non-fictional wife, whom he met while she was a counsellor at a Primary School.


Call No.: Y SAC
If you enjoy print-to-screen books, check out ‘Holes.’ Stanley, a boy who is wrongly convicted for stealing, is packed off to a detention camp in the middle of a desert. The task for all juvenile delinquents: to dig five feet wide by five feet deep holes every day under the scorching heat in order to develop better characters. However, it soon occurs to Stanley that under the guise of a simple reformatory centre lies a less-than-noble intention; the authorities running the camp are making use of the boys to search for something valuable underground. Remember to catch the movie after. 🙂



fuzzymudFuzzy Mud
Call No.: J SAC
Louis Sachar’s Fuzzy Mud is his most recent book. Everything seems to be going fine in small town Heath Cliff, Pennsylvania until a challenge issued by school bully Chad Hilligas forces Tamaya Dhilwaddi and Marshall Walsh to take a detour through the forbidden woods. There, the 3 school mates brush with a strange yellowish-brown mud and an ensuing fight threatens to bring down the whole town. Will Tamaya and Marshall be able to make amends before it is too late? Read to find out!

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