Blueberry muffin murder: a Hannah Swensen mystery with recipes

blueTitle: Blueberry Muffin Murder: A Hannah Swensen mystery with recipes
Location: Adult Lending
Call no.: FLU -[MY]

Hannah Swensen owns a cookie shop in the small town of Lake Eden, Minnesota, where the winters can be brutal. To help bring some cheer in the midst of the frigid weather, the town holds an annual Winter Carnival.

Unfortunately for Hannah, she is passed over for the honour of baking the official Winter Carnival cake. Instead, the town has elected to bring in the famous TV chef, Connie Mac. Things start off bad enough: Connie Mac is a bossy diva, and Hannah has a hard time putting up with her domineering ways.

Then, things get much, much worse. Hannah arrives at work one morning to find Connie Mac’s official Winter Carnival cake completely burnt – and Connie Mac lying dead on the ground, surrounded by crumbs of Hannah’s famous blueberry muffin.

The police declare her cookie shop a crime scene and refuse Hannah entry to her own kitchen. Without access to an oven, and with the Winter Carnival just days away, Hannah decides that if the police won’t solve the issue, the only alternative is to catch the killer herself.

This book is the third installment in the Hannah Swensen mystery series by Joanne Fluke. Just like the first two books, the main appeal is in its small town charm, especially the relationships between the residents of Lake Eden. The mystery itself is a comfortable amateur-detective story, peppered with delicious sounding recipes.

If you enjoy baking, mysteries, or just cosy comfort, this book is great for a quick read, especially accompanied by some delicious cookies or muffins!

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