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Unbearable Lightness of Being

To be or not to be… It’s been about 2 weeks since the library officially closed to the public, and today’s the last day that the bookdrops will be in operation (yes, sadly no more dropping off

sdrawkcaB gnikooL

Jillian: Olivia has sent us another guest post, this time on a programme she attended in November. Right now, the programme zone is filled with boxes, cartons, cabinets, and all sorts of barang-barangs, all waiting to go to their new homes

Thank you for the music!

In this post, we’re inviting all NLB staff, friends, members of public, random netizens to leave a farewell comment/gripe/wish/song dedication. *Thanks Karen for dedicating Manhattan Skyline by the Kings of Convenience to us in the previous post!

One day more…

Another day, another destiny… – From One Day More, Le Miserable So it’s not the eve of a revolution, but the eve of an ending and a new beginning (inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins!). And in this

Guest blogger!

Olivia’s one of our citizen bloggers but she doesn’t have a blog, so she’ll be guest blogging here! Enough of boring ‘ol me, this is what Olivia sent us: 6 November 2007 Changes   I have been

Dots and Beats

A couple of days ago, we received an email from Imran Ajmain, founder of the local hiphop collective: the Beats Society. He had heard about our closure from Time Out magazine and was reflecting about his experiences

Leave us a birthday wish

Wanna leave us some birthday greetings? Leave a comment on this post.

library@orchard birthday song!

“Happy birthday to you… you were born in the zoo… with the monkeys and elephants… and the chimpanzees tooooo…” Hehe, that’s the classic birthday song to sing… … … if you’re FIVE. Since we’re much older and wiser

Every reader is a unique snowflake…

Maybe not thaaat unique, as bestsellers exist bcos lots of people read the same thing (and sometimes over and over again!). Anyway, this is not about bestseller-bashing, but more about what people like to read. Some folks who left comments

Vibes from the blogosphere

Bcos my secret ambition is to be a PI, I decided to investigate what was being said in the blogs and forums. Here’s what I found… Most people who blogged (or posted in forums) about us will