I’ve enjoy walking. I try to find a reason to do it whenever possible. I walk when many Singaporeans take a bus  just to travel a hundred meters down the road. I walk when I find myself alone at lunch time. I walk when I’m on holiday places that afford fantastic walking experiences (New Zealand and Canada come to mind).  I walk around the library when I’m at work to take a break from driving a desk and staring at a computer screen; it gets to be pretty mind-numbing.

So I when I saw The Walker’s Friend: A Miscellany of and Wisdom by Jude Palmer sitting among the new arrivals in my library, I automatically picked it up and landed on page 66:

Two bags of crisps are walking down an isolated country road in the driving rain. A car pulls up and the driver winds down his window and asks: “Do you want a lift?”

The first bag of crisps replies: “No thanks, it’s OK – we’re walkers.”

Hahahahaha, hahahahaha …. wait, I don’t get it.

If you do get it, well, get it. I’ll just stick to Thoreau’s “Walking.”