Pregnancy sucks

As a soon-to-be first-time mum, reading a thriller or award-winning book is the last thing on my to-do list during these few crucial months – especially after getting scolded by the husband for reading Serena by Ron Rash, which is essentially a book about a ruthless wife who ultimately kills her husband for standing in her way. “What if the baby picks up on all these negative stuff!” he cries (my husband, not the victim.) Instead, I will stay dedicated to keeping up to date in the world of baby fairs and compiling mental lists of the best baby cots, baby playpens, breast milk pumps, milk bottles… Yes you get the drift.

Now, before you mistake this post as a baby rant, let me tell you about this fantastic book from the library that deals with – yes you got it – pregnancy issues. Deviating from the usual pregnancy books which urge you to feel honoured about the life you’re developing inside you and rave about that ‘pregnancy glow’ all mums-to-be have (not that there’s anything wrong about feeling honoured or to feel all glowy), this book is a humourous take on how pregnancy can instead suck – and how there is absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about admitting it.

Happen to have lost count of how many times you’ve thrown up in the day already, or even wound up with “hyperemesis gravidarium” (also otherwise known as ‘unrelenting nausea and vomiting’)? Suddenly developed a superhero nose that makes you smell the garbage from a mile away (and gag)? Worried that you will be a terrible mum once your baby comes out to join you in the world? Relax, this author knows what you’re going through, and she’s there to empathise with you all the way.  In each chapter, the author highlights the common symptoms you would expect to experience in each month of pregnancy, and with titled topics such as “Sore Boobs”, “’Urine” for Fun”, and “Don’t breech to me”, you can expect an honest and funny discussion about all the pleasant (and unpleasant) experiences you may or may not have during your pregnancy. Better to go in with your eyes wide open, I say!

For those who have no intention (or no biological means) of ever getting pregnant, this book is also good for you. It helps your usually tongue-tied self at least relate to that close pregnant relative or friend, with whatever she’s going through. Didn’t know what to say previously what she told you that…? Well, now you will!


Title: Pregnancy Sucks: What to do when your miracle makes you miserable
Author: Joanne Kimes
Publisher: Avon, Mass. : Adams Media; Newton Abbot: David & Charles [distributor], 2011
Call No.: English 618.2 KIM -[FAM]

Reviewed by Eunice Chen, Bishan Public Library