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We are discussing our book club member Lawrence Chew’s original poems.

Date/Time:  5.00pm, Friday 28 February 2014
Venue:  The Activity Room, Bukit Batok Public Library
Poems to be discussed:  “An Atheist’s Portraiture of God as the Poet of Creation”, “A Dream of Being in a Trefoil Tunnel”, “A Promethean Poem” and “World at my Window”  by Lawrence Chew.
About the author:  Lawrence Chew shares his passion for poems and penned these poems for your reading pleasure and hopes to hear your thoughts on them.  Lawrence, an ex-teacher,  graduated in English Literature B.A. (Hons) NUS and has previously taught on this subject at one of our local junior colleges.

Reproduced below  are two poems entitled  “World at my Window” and “A Dream of Being in a Trefoil Tunnel” that will be discussed.


1. World at my Window

World at my window, my window-world! You swirl,

Twist, turn and twirl my giddy-headed breath awhirl!

In sun and moon and rain you look in and walk on by;

In shade and dew-fall and wind, you heed not my sigh.

In my three-score years of commingled joys and cares

You scorn and laugh off my worry-come and sorry-go

And I, still the wild-eyed child dreaming his nightmares,

Know not I why like you I scurry-hurry-go to and fro

Yet cannot tell from whence meaning draws its breath,

The nights and days I live and die my years of death.


World at my window, my window-world! You swirl,

Twist, twirl, rock and roil my hair-thin head awhirl!

Come tomorrow, some other soul in my vacated chair

Shall draw for breath my expired, giddy-headed air!


2.  A Dream of Being in a Trefoil Tunnel

In one out-of-body, space and time dream,

I am a shade swooshing in a trefoil stream-

In a tunnel wherein a whoosh up is a glide

Round a bend that is a ride down an up-slide;

That is how a mind comes to know the plot:

I am in the smooth bind of a trefoil knot!

And here in sleep, subliminal meet sublime,

Inside-out of the senses, outside-in of time!


I go pass the upturns of days riding a light-beam,

I go pass the downturns of nights at time-zero;

Light and shadow flee as one intermittent stream

At vaporeal velocities the mass of radii sub-zero;

And ignoramuses the hulk of hippopotamuses,

And savants the brain of many polycephaluses,

Atheists, Quakers, agnostics and whatnots, alike

Swoosh as zeros of nothing in the half-light.


Ignoramus et ignorabimus! 1 I wake but know not

If death be a cingulated2 sleep so dark and deep

One dreams not of waking but of staying asleep!


1. Latin, We do not know and shall not know

2. Bound within a cingulum, medical term for girdle-like structure


Softcopies of the rest of the poems are available upon request by sending an email to:

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