The last time a story revolving around a death in the family resulted in a heartwarming and funny movie was Elizabethtown (2005). (Death at a Funeral – whether it’s the UK or US version – does not count. It’s a farce/dark comedy.) Judging from this trailer of the upcoming film based on Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You I’d put it right next to Elizabethtown, albeit with more laughs.

Tropper’s other novels include One Last Thing Before I GoThe Book of JoeEverything Changes, and  How to Talk to a WidowerUSA Today calls Tropper a “more sincere, insightful version of Nick Hornby.” Since I like Nick Hornby and I’m now inclined to watch this movie, I think I’ll give Tropper a whirl and get my hands on some of his books. You too? I’ll race you to the library.

(In case I beat you to it, you can also get your hands on the ebook of This Is Where I Leave You. Don’t say I never did nothing for you.)