I recently caught Edge of Tomorrow with a couple of good friends. If you don’t already know, this movie is based on the 2004 Japanese military sci-fi ‘light novel’ – that’s what Japanese young adult novels are called – All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The novel was considered for a Seiun Award, the Japanese equivalent of a Nebula Award.

The protagonist, Cage, (‘Keiji’ in the novel), is a soldier who finds himself trapped in a time loop where he is killed by the enemy and is resurrected, again and again. Cage gradually gets better at fighting but grows desperate to change his fate of never-ending repetition against the enemy beings who have a higher intelligence.

If you are a big Japanese popular culture fan, you would naturally cringe at the idea of American remakes. In fact, if you are a fan of the original story, you might be very disappointed to know that the screenwriters have changed the it substantially. That said, I think the movie on the whole is entertaining and it is brilliant to see Tom Cruise injecting humour at the right moment. I simply loved Emily Blunt because she is just so kickass as a ‘full metal bitch’ in the movie.

Besides the film, there are also graphic novel and manga adaptations for this particular story. The graphic novel is illustrated by Lee Ferguson, who is behind the art for Dungeons and Dragons and other comics. I have to admit that I was slightly puzzled that Ferguson was chosen to draw this as he is most famous for fantasy art. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to this adaptation.

The manga adaptation is done by the famous Takeshi Obata who is behind the fabulous Death Note series. The first volume of the manga is expected to be released on 19th June in Japan. Currently, though, the manga is available in serialised form in the comic magazines Weekly Young Jump (Japanese) and Weekly Shonen Jump (English).

I hope I have gotten you at least slightly interested in the story. You should consider catching the movie and  getting your hands on the book as well. Whichever comes first is up to you.