Here’s another very promising movie coming our way. The last time Matthew Vaughn took a Mark Millar comic book to the big screen, it was violent, controversial, exciting, and memorable, so much so that it spawned a sequel (produced but not directed by Vaughn) which tried to score the same success by offering the brand of controversial violence but much less of a story. Needless to say, the sequel fell flat on its face.

Can Vaughn/Millar bring it once more? Based on the comic book from Vaughn, Millar, and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, the Kingsman trailer suggests what would happen if Millar decides to write a young James Bond book; visually I’m getting strong vibes of both both Kick-Ass and Wanted. That’s all good, but there’s more.

The casting is, in a word, inspired. Colin Firth, Michael Caine, and Mark Strong are great in just about any role, and throw in appearances by Samuel L. Jackson and  Mark Hamill (of Star Wars fame), and reportedly cameos by Lady Gaga, Elton John, Adele, and David Beckham. Add all that up, and you got a one hell of a potential hit on your hands. I can’t wait for it to reach Singapore screens later this year.