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Do guppies eat their young?

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Yes, adult guppies do eat their young. Hence, when rearing guppies, it is advisable to separate the new born from the adults. Why do they do that? In a confined environment such as an aquarium, guppies eat their young to control the population size. This is known as cannibalism. It is an animal instinct to ensure survival of the species by keeping adults that can breed to produce more offspring.

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Apart from guppies, there are other animals that exhibit similar behaviour. For instance, in certain ant species, injured juvenile ants are regularly eaten. When there is a shortage of food, healthy juvenile ants become the food source. Cannibalism also occurs in other forms of animal behaviour, such as animal courtship. A female may eat her mate to obtain nutrients to produce more eggs, which occurs with the praying mantis.
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  • I am thinking of getting Guppies and Sword Tails both to breed. Would a Sword Tail eat a Guppies babies or the other way around? Would both types of fish together be happy in a 17 cm round tank or would it need to be bigger?

    Thankyou Ruby

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