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Is fresh produce better than their frozen counterparts?

It is no secret that it is important to eat fruits and vegetables every day to be healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and vitamins that are important to our bodies.

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However, researchers have found that at the supermarket, the frozen fruits and vegetables that you buy may actually be more nutritious than the fresh ones.

Why is this so?

This is because what we understand as fresh at the supermarket is actually not quite as fresh as we believe them to be. Often, fresh produce are picked before they are ripe to accommodate the time it takes to transfer them from the farm to the wholesalers and then to the retailers. Picking the produce before they are ripe means they have less than their optimal amount of nutrients. Additionally, some of the fresh fruit and vegetables may have been kept in storage for days in warehouses.

Frozen fruits and vegetables on the other hand are picked at the peak of their ripeness. While they may lose water-soluble vitamins such as B and C during the processing, most other nutrients are preserved.

Of course, if you have the chance to eat freshly picked ripe fruits and vegetable, choose them over the frozen ones. But if you are in the supermarket, sometimes the frozen option is just as good, if not better.


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