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Where can I (legally) get free eBooks?

Recent research done in the United States shows that among Americans aged 16 and above, 23% read an e-book in the past year, up from 16%. The number of people who have read a print book in the past year though fell from 72% to 67%. (Source)

What about you? Are you reading more and more e-books as well?

The National Library Board offers access to eBooks from our eResources site – from current popular titles to classics and a lot more.

Certainly, there are many other sites that offer e-books for free, where you can legally download them. Here’re some suggested sources:

1) ManyBooks
The greatest thing about Manybooks is the flexibility it offers in terms of varying eBook formats. For example, you can download Les Misérables in over 20 formats, including in audiobook form, with just one click.

2) Feedbooks
The unique selling point of Feedbooks is its sheer diversity. With clean web page design, it houses e-titles in five different languages, ranging from classics like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to The Secretary, an original book that aspires to be the next Fifty Shades.

3) Project Gutenberg
Claiming to be the first and largest producer of free electronic books, Project Gutenberg lives up to its claim by housing a huge collection of contemporary titles, classics, as well as more obscure titles. You can even find The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci under its Art collection.

4) Smashwords and epub Books
Sites like Smashwords and epub Books offer both paid and free books. Titles housed in these sites are much newer and may be by new authors or indie publishers. The sites provide filtering functions to help you sieve through the fast-growing collection and discover hidden gems.

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Post contributed by Vinn Wong and Dilip Kumar, Associate Librarians

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