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What do earthworms eat?

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Earthworms feed on the rotting parts of dead plants. They have no teeth or jaws, so the food they eat must be very soft. Worms also feed on soil. They take in any goodness as it works through their body, and get rid of any waste in a worm cast.


Earthworms/ Claire Llewellyn.
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Some recommended books relating to the subject:

Earthworms / Sue Barraclough.
Publisher: Oxford : Heinemann Library, 2005.
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Lowdown on earthworms/ Norma Dixon.
Publisher: Markham, Ont. ; Allston, Mass. : Fitzhenry & Whiteside, c2005.
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The life cycle of an earthworm/ Bobbie Kalman.
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  • this place is weird

  • what else do earth worms eat?

    Response from ASK! Editor

    “Soil contains plants and microbes, or tiny animals. It also contains parts of dea plants and animals. An earthworms eats it all!… Earthworms are decomposers. Decomposers breakdown plants and animals in soil by eating and digesting them”
    Source: (Kalman, B., The Life cycle of an Earthworm, J 592 KAL)

    “Earthworms … eat rotting animals, dead leaves, and other plant material.”
    Source: (Heinrichs, A., Worms, J 592 HEI

    “Earthworms eat rotting vegetables, plants, and grass. They eat animals and bugs.”
    Source: (Holmes, K. J., Earthworms, J 592 HOL)

  • any thing else earthworms eat

  • Can eating earthworms be harmful to humans. My child ate four earthworms yesterday while playing in the dirt! Can this be harmful to him.

    [ASK! Editor replies:
    Dear Kimberly, thank you for your enquiry. There is no proven scientific answer so far that states the side effects (be it good or harmful) of consuming earthworms. However, there are some researches done to shed more light on this issue. You may refer to the below web resource for your reading pleasure. I would strongly advise you to seek professional medical advice from trained doctors.

    Worm Digest, last accessed 1 Nov 2007

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  • Earthworms are very lovely they eat a lot so be carful from ???

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