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Where do letters to Santa go?

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** Ed: There was a feedback to us that the specified Santa’s address in this post dated last year was outdated. According to this website , the new address is:
“Santa Claus
Arctic Circle
96930 Rovaniemi

November is drawing near and after November, it will be December and when December comes, it is Christmas time. Yes, October does seem rather early to be talking about Christmas, but for anxious kids wanting to send their letters to Santa Claus and worried about the time it takes to reach such a faraway place like the North Pole, maybe October is just the right time.

Alright kids, take this down carefully. The postal address of Santa’s Main Post Office is

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office,
Santa’s Workshop Village,
96930 Arctic Circle.

If you do not trust the postal service or if you want to save on postage, you can always send an email through Santa’s main post office website at
http://www.posti.fi/postimerkkikeskus/jpp/ en_index.html

Letters to Santa come from all over the world and Santa has received letters from kids from 150 countries, with the most coming from Great Britain, Poland and Japan. He is really busy so he does not always manage to give a reply but he does try – maybe if you are early and if you ask for a reply, he might oblige you.

By the way, Santa’s main post office is in Lapland, Finland.

A note for parents: You can order letters from Santa for your kids too!
http://www.posti.fi/postimerkkikeskus/pukinkirje/ santaletter.htm

If you want to read more about the North Pole, here are books you can check out at our libraries.

For Children:

Image retrieved from www.amazon.com

Peary & Henson: the race to the North Pole by Baron Bedesky
Publisher: New York : Crabtree Pub. Co., c2006.
Call Number: J English 910 BED

Image retrieved from www.bn.com

The North Pole was here: puzzles and perils at the top of the world by Andrew C. Revkin
Publisher: Boston : Kingfisher, 2006
Call Number: Y English 910.91632 REV

Image retrieved from www.bn.com

Santa’s secrets revealed: all your questions answered about Santa’s super sleigh, his flying reindeer, and other wonders by James Solheim
Publisher: Minneapolis, Minn. : Carolrhoda Books, c2004.
Call Number: JP English English SOL

All websites are last accessed on 21 July 2008. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the homepages for use.
For the availability of the above book titles, please check the library catalogue.

Felicia_ASK_w100.jpgAnswered by Felicia Chan,

Librarian, Children’s Services

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