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What courses can I take to become a librarian in Singapore?

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There is currently only one educational institute in Singapore providing a postgraduate education in library science, and that is Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU).

Also known as ‘Masters in Information Studies’, this postgraduate course is run by the Division of Information Studies, which is in turn under the auspices of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.  One can find out more about the course details here.  

You might also wish to visit the Library Association of Singapore webpage for more information.

You might be interested in librarianship overseas:

American Library Association

Australian Library and Information Association

Canadian Library Association

All websites last accessed on 22 Aug 2008

Originally answered by Chan Wai Ling, Librarian, Adult and Young People’s Services.

Yen_ASK_Pic.JPG Posted by Yen Yen Toh, Librarian, Adult and Young People’s Services

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  • Hi Ms. Yen.

    Will need your advise on what are the courses that are available that we can take as a bridge towards getting a degree in information studies.

    I\’m in my thirties now,I currently have a diploma in engineering. What are the part-time courses I can take to work towards being a librarian.

    Thanks alot.
    Jack Sim

  • Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your enquiry. For the MSc in Info Studies, it’s currently available for both part-time as well as full-time students. More details can be found in the NTU link which my colleague has hyperlinked for you.

    In addition, there are some on-off short courses and workshops which is provided by the Library Association of Singapore (LAS), and its hyperlink is provided in the posting as well.

    Of course, there are info studies related degrees available overseas as well. A good guide as a starting point would be the prominent ALA, ALIA and CLA (please click on the hyperlinks provided above as well).

    We wish you success in your desire for being part of the Librarianship family.

  • Hi. I am currently a licensed librarian here in the Philippines. I graduated with a Degree in Bachelor on Secondary Education major in Math, then I also took a Library units in another school here. I just wanted to know that, if I wanted to practice my profession in Singapore, should I still enroll or take MSC in Info. Studies there? My sister is currently working there and I also very much like to work there also. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you very much

  • Hi Suzette,

    There are different libraries in Singapore which you can apply to work in. Each library has different criteria and requirements that they wish the staff to possess. I am also not in the position to assess your qualifications. Therefore I am unable to comment if you would need to take MSC in order to work here.

    If you wish to enroll in the MSC in Singapore, you may visit their website at:

    Good luck!

  • Hi Suzette,

    If you wish to work in NLB, you can submit your application at:

    To view more available jobs, you can visit the LAS website at:

  • Hi Ms Yen
    One of my friends in Sri Lanka is looking for a short term library course to follow as her employer is willing to send her for training. (2-3 weeks) Can you please advice me wheather there is any such training in Singapore. Please mail me an answer if you could please.
    Thank you

    • Hi Denver,

      According to the Singapore Library Association website, the only library course offered is the Masters of Science in Information and Technology. You may refer to the website for more details.

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  • Hi, is there any postgraduate course available in Singapore ? Seems that there is only the master programme available in ntc.

    • Hi Ros, the Masters programme at NTU is a postgraduate course in Singapore.

      Are you asking about whether there are any other postgraduate courses in Singapore? There are, for a wide variety of disciplines. However, for a postgraduate programme in library science, as mentioned in the post, there is currently only one offered by NTU.

  • i want to enroll into masters of information studies in NUT what are the requirement,courses offered and the total cost. however i ‘am from nigeria

  • Hi,

    I have obtained master in Library Science and Information from India (Saurashtra University) I also have a work experience as Librarian of 1 Year in India

    Now i am in Singapore on Dependent Visa as my Husband is working here. I also want to work as a Librarian.

    Can anyone help me out to find whether i can obtain the job as librarian in Singapore based on the degree from India?

    Or i need to do my studies once again and obtain a Singapore university degree in Information Studies?


  • Hi Khushbu,

    I think the criteria will differ between organisations. You may wish to write in to each with your query.

    The National Library Board lists available positions on our Careers portal:

    You may wish to visit it to see if there are any suitable positions that meet your interests.

    Best of luck in your job search!

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