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How many travel agents are there in Singapore?

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According to the Travel Related Users’ System (TRUST), there are currently 733 licensed active travel agents in Singapore.
Source: TRUST

Of these, some are members of the National Association of Travel Agents, Singapore, which means they adhere to the Association’s Code of Conduct and Business Practices.

“From its humble beginning of only 82 members in 1979, the active membership strength has increased to 444 members as at January 2002. There are four classifications in the active memberships, namely Inbound, Outbound, Ticket Sales and Surface Transport. Active membership is open to licensed travel agents and tour operators in Singapore. They can sign up for more than one classification by paying the appropriate fees. We have also an associate membership category comprising about 100 travel related member companies.”
Source: National Association of Travel Agents, Singapore: Membership Information

In addition, the Singapore Tourism Board website contains statistics with respect to the travel and tourism industries in Singapore.

All websites last accessed 19th June, 2006.

You could also take a look at the following book, which is a commemorative publication for the 25th Anniversary of NATAS. It provides information about the Association, as well as some tips from actual travel agents.

Confession of a travel agent by Yeoh Siew Hoon
Singapore : National Association of Travel Agents Singapore, c2004
Call No.: SING 338.4791 YEO
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Answered by Lim Hwa Shan, Librarian, Adult and Young People’s Services

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    you may find this site useful http://www.travelagents.com.sg

    it lists all the travel agents in singapore. Users can vote and review them.


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    Dear Lexx, thank you for sharing your resource suggestion. I am sure you did all the travellers out there a great favor.]

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