Our Story: Keeping it Alive.

The National Library Board (NLB) promotes reading, learning and history through its network of 26 public libraries, the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore.

The National Library (NL) is the custodian of Singapore’s published heritage and continually expands and makes accessible its research and resource collection to the public.

The National Archives of Singapore (NAS), an institution of NLB, is the custodian of archival materials of national and historical significance.

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The Materials

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There are over 7,000 informational and national government campaign posters in the collection of the National Archives of Singapore. Produced in the four official languages, campaign posters shed light on Singapore’s developmental phases over the years.

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The sound collection of the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) contains over 5,400 records dating from 1903 to the 1980s. These records are testament to the time when Singapore was the hub of the recording industry in Southeast Asia from the early 1900s to the 1980s. These are two of 600 shellac records in the collection. Shellac records were produced for the local market until around 1960, when they were replaced by vinyl. Thus these are some of the oldest and rarest audio records kept by the NAS.

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