Kam Kit Geok


The Emporium chain of department stores entered the scene when the retail market in Singapore was still in its infancy. Kam Kit Geok takes a closer look at a much-loved shopping icon. Those who lived in Singapore from the mid-1960s to the ’80s will very likely remember shopping at the Emporium chain of Chinese-inspired department stores and supermarkets, or eating at an Oriental Restaurant – all of which were managed by the Emporium Holdings Group. Sandy Wong, who deposited her memory with the Singapore Memory Project. recalled happy times spent at an Oriental Emporium: “[T]he most popular [department store in the 1980s] would be the Oriental Emporium. I remembered my aunt mentioning that they opened almost all the stores on the same day, across various locations in Singapore. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and… always ask[ed] for toys… Oriental Emporium… was… a favourite for many in the 1980s.” Many people remember…